Adventuring into the world of Creativity

Hello. My name is Andreea and I am a creative person. It's a bit like a confession for me to say that. This is not an AA meeting, but the feeling is the same. I've started a new journey into the world of Creativity (with a capital C because this is the real world, with… Continue reading Adventuring into the world of Creativity

Losing hope | #Brexit

Today I woke up in a different country. I first moved to the UK about five years ago. I came as a 19 year old full of hope, expectations, enthusiasm. I couldn't believe my luck that I got into a British university. I was happy, elated, excited to get away from a country that promoted… Continue reading Losing hope | #Brexit

Why you should follow Jeremy Corbyn on Snapchat

  When Jeremy Corbyn drops by My week faced an unexpected turn on Thursday. I was sat peacefully at my desk when a really short, concise e-mail came through. It was announcing just that Jeremy Corbyn was coming to The Station, as part of a Labour meeting we had going on. I couldn't really… Continue reading Why you should follow Jeremy Corbyn on Snapchat

Asking for it by Louise O’Neill | Book review

Content warning: rape I just finished Asking for it by Louise O'Neill and I'm broken. I'm shattered in a million pieces and I don't know if this is the right time to try to write something relevant, but I'll try. Asking for it is the story of Emma O'Donovan, a teenager who finds herself on her… Continue reading Asking for it by Louise O’Neill | Book review

Seconds of pleasure by Neil LaBute | Book review

In Bristol there's a really gorgeous place which everyone should visit if you find yourself in the city. It's really easy to find, you just go up from the famous harbourside, follow the main road to a hilly, always busy street, to the infamous Clifton. This road is called Park Street and it's a great… Continue reading Seconds of pleasure by Neil LaBute | Book review