Books, travel and news – all in one beautiful place

My first post is for a man who inspired me deeply to adventure into new worlds through books again. For me, he is the archetype of why we read: to escape reality, to not face our fears and run away in different, secluded worlds. However, that disconnect from reality doesn’t last too long and we soon see the effects the story had in our own personal life. The reader made me think of escapism, but also of how his own story draws attention to problems in our society.

That’s why I love reading, not enjoy even more the process of thinking about what books bring to my every day life. What impact has it got on how I interact with people, the decisions I take moving forward? Reading isn’t a passive act anymore and there’s a vivid community, sharing thoughts, ideas and creativity.

Just like books, travel has had a similar influence in my life and every place I’ve been holds a special place in my life. Similarly, I think real life stories – news – can be even more powerful and jolt people into action.

So let this wander-ful adventure into new worlds begin!


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