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Another cute ReadAThon Mini-challenge | Treasure Hunt

After finishing my five TBR Murakami short stories and reading lovely reviews and updates from people all over the world (i.e. procrastinating), I decided to start A Really Awesome Mess, by Trish Cook. I’m already at 36% and I’m feeling like I might finish it tonight, but in the mean time, let’s do another mini-challenge!!!

For this one we need to find a book with the following on the cover:

1. A tree

the housekeeper and the professor


The Housekeeper and the Professor, by Yōko Ogawa – such a unique little book about a man with a 80-minute memory

2. Snow



Cutsie pie Let it snow – three perfect holiday stories

3. A weapon:



Maybe it can be considered cheating, but these badass girls in Beauty Queens by Libba Bray actually use lipsticks, hair straighteners and their wits as weapons in the book. Girl power!


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