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Readathon Mini-Challenge | Classic Words of Wisdom

The lovely Allie from a Literary Odyssey is challenging readathoners to dive into their favourite classics’ words of wisdom, so here’s my humble attempt of explaining how one of my favourite books influenced me.

originalTo Kill A Mockingbird, by Harper Lee is usually read quite early in America, but I didn’t really know much about it until recently. I’d heard of it, but didn’t really discuss it in school or with any of my friends. Going in blind into the book, it draw me in and showed me why it’s really a classic.

Atticus is such a great father and tries to teach his children one of the most important lessons in life: empathy. He puts it in such simple and easy to understand words that he gets through to Scout and to his readers at the same time.

When I saw how Scout behave not only towards Tom Robinson, but especially with Boo Radley. She makes an effort and understands that judging people only by appearances is plain wrong and the key to end racism and discrimination is through empathy.

Personally, this lesson is close to my heart. I don’t think we can ever develop a deep emotional connection to anyone if we only allow them to show us the best part of themselves. To truly have a significant relationship of any kind, we have to listen and try to understand, to put ourselves in their skin and walk around in it.

Thank you again, Allie, for the mini-challenge and now I’m off to read some of your favourite classic words of wisdom!


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