April Wrap-up


April has been my best reading month of the year so far and that’s only because I picked up books I couldn’t let go of and flew through so easily! I’m really proud I got to read about such diverse topics and from different genres. It’s really been a month of exploring the best, from non-fiction to magical realism.

Books completed and rating:

This month’s BEST BOOK AWARD goes to…1Q84 by Haruki Murakami!!!

This was the book that introduced me to magical realism and I just fell in love! I’m in the middle of the second volume right now, but I’m afraid it’s not going as smoothly as the first. No worries, I won’t give up!

A special mention this month for another favourite that can’t go unmentioned: Sharp objects by Gyllian Flinn! It’s a brilliant psychological mystery novel, full of delightful characters (if you know what I mean).

Other book-inspired favs: Parks and Recreation. After reading Yes please, I had to go and watch the show. I have to admit it didn’t sound really appealing at first, but I was hooked after the first episode. So much so that I am now at the end of season 3! These are really a funny bunch.

I can’t really believe May is here already, but this will be an exciting month! I’m trying to organise a TBR pile, so if you have any suggestions, please leave a comment. Happy reading!


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