What’s your story?

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about big decisions. Moving to a new place. Starting over. Meeting new people and starting new friendships. We’re all scared when it comes to the things we have to create ourselves, be there from the beginning and being conscious that we’re doing it.

Most people choose the easy road and won’t be in this situation many times in their lives. We so often take opportunities which we find the easiest and which come to us rather than having to be sought.

Take the example of a recent graduate. They’ve studied for their whole life, maybe got some jobs as they’ve come up and gained some experience. And then graduation hits and they’re confronted with a clean slate. Most graduates give in and take the first thing that sounds about right.

It’s like writing a book. How are you supposed to know the story you’re meant to tell the world? If you had only one story to tell, what would it be? Life is exactly the same. We get only one chance to write our own stories and still, we leave it up to others and chance to weave the narrative. People come into our lives and if they seem interested in us, we let them be characters, even protagonists in our story.


What do I want my life to be about? That’s one of the big questions I’ve been playing with lately, as I start again a new chapter.

As one protagonist leaves my story, I can’t help but feel like I want to see him again and still have in my life in any way that’s possible. I’m afraid of new people who I don’t know and whose life and characteristics I still have to discover. You know the point in a book when new characters show up and you have no idea what they’re going to do? You judge them by their relationship with the others you’re already familiar with. You try to guess their next move, but all you can actually do is wait and let the narrator tell you what this person’s role is.

It’s so much more comfortable to let life do its thing and guide you through experiences. Making it happen is the complicated part which needs attention to detail, careful planning and lots of sleepless nights.

I know I have to think about the values I want to pursue and the opportunities I have to take in order for my story to be worth telling. I also have to discover new characters who will play important roles and guide me through to the right conclusion. Maybe my path will be complicated and full of twists and turns – but the journey of self-discovery is what makes the story great. What would any great novel be without some drama and complications?


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