August Wrap-up | Books, films & love

As the month comes to a close with a brilliant bank holiday weekend, I wanted to look back and enjoy everything I loved this month. August started off quite harshly, it dragged for a while with lots of stress and disappointment. It got better and better though! And these bits and pieces got me through a rough time towards a new beginning in September.


After not reading anything in June and July (crazy, I know), I finished five books in August.

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My favourite by far was Americanah, by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and a review will be coming soon. However, it’s a hard book to dissect because it hits so close to home, examining the immigrant experience.

I didn’t enjoy Dark places as much as I did Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn. I was expecting a bit more darkness (although it has plenty, I got used to a certain standard from Flynn). However, I’ll still watch the film soon and maybe I’ll appreciate the story more when it’s visual.


download Pride_poster

These films made it to my all time favourites of the year for sure! I’m still thinking about them weeks after I watched them and that’s what you want from anything kind of entertainment you get.

I’m sure you’ve heard of Inside Out so I won’t go on about the premise, but the best bit about Pixar’s new release is the light it brings to mental health issues. It teaches kids (and adults) that it’s ok to recognise your feelings and put them out there. By having characters who represent those feelings, kids can talk about their state of mind much easily and that’s so important. Stigma is slowly going away and we can start having normal conversations about our mental health and how important and fragile it is.

Maybe you haven’t heard as much abot Pride (2014).  It’s a British comedy based on a true story about how the LGBT community helped the miners during their strike in the Thatcher era of 1984. Living in the UK (and studying journalism), I’ve learnt quite a bit about how politics work here, but this shone a new light for me on the Labour party and who it is supposed to represent. The film is great fun and really entertaining, but it also has a significant political message: groups should come together and help each other achieve what everyone wants.


I love the dreamy state this song puts me in. The lyrics are open to interpretation, but my favourite idea is it’s about WWII (the bees are the Axis, the dirty paws are the US, the queen bee is Germany and the creatures of snow are Russia). If that interpretation’s true, then it shows how we can always tell old stories in new ways.

All in all, I had plenty of time for entertainment this month and chose to surround myself with what I thought would be thought provoking entertainment.

What did you enjoy most in August?

The summer’s ending but new beginnings are around the corner.

 🌟 Happy reading  🌟



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