The Veracity Challenge | A world of adjectives

I discovered this challenge on Erika’s blog and I found it really exciting and difficult. So I had to do it, naturally. Writing without adjectives is something I thought I’d be good at. I’m a journalist, I’ve written news before and that’s supposed to be only facts. But when you’re writing from your imagination and creating a story line, you want to express so much through description. However, you can describe without adjectives – and I think great writers do that a lot. They create a feel and a vibe without using unnecessary language. It’s a skill I admire, so I had to give this one a shot.


  1. Write a paragraph without using a single adjective.
  2. Keep the link of the original Veracity Challenge in your post (so that the creator of the challenge may receive a pingback)
  3.  Anyone can join the challenge, you don’t have to be nominated!
  4.  Nominate 6 Bloggers for this challenge


Practice makes perfect. Work and you will succeed. Go ahead and create your world. Look ahead and see what the universe has to offer. Never sleep, never dream, don’t look up from your path because distractions abound. Don’t get sidetracked by people, feelings, others’ decisions. But find a life, build a house, get a job. There’s a person out there who wants what you want and your paths will cross. They will live where you want, they will eat the food you cook and enjoy it, they will appreciate you when you clean the house or get the children to school. You will be in love…or not…but your life will succeed. You will work for hours, go on vacation where your friends or Cosmo tells you to, enjoy it like a caveman enjoys the rain. Grow old and have money to go to the supermarket. Grow old and regret everything. Grow old and despise your husband who stole your beauty, your years, your passion for life. Grow old and love your children but feel as if you’ve never known them. Grow old and regret.

Or ignore everything and do what you want. Go where your heart tells you to go. Live as if there are no rules. Laugh about tomorrow and enjoy the sunshine that is today.

Thank you, Mon, it was great mind-boggling trying to do this!

Here are my nominations:

  1. http://thoughtsontomes.wordpress.com
  2. http://susannevalenti.com/
  3. https://booksatdawn.wordpress.com
  4. http://bookaddictkels.wordpress.com
  5. https://bftreviews.wordpress.com
  6. https://cksreadingcorner.wordpress.com

…and anyone who’d like to do the challenge! I’d love to read more of these.

How did you think I did? Not sure right now. It was really hard 😀 Let me know how you find it. Until then…

🌟 Happy reading 🌟


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