Advice from my past self

We believe that we can change the things round us in accordance with our desires – Marcel Proust, In search of lost time

What do you want from this world? What do you want to give it and what do you expect it to give to you?



We want to change people, situations, ideas that we come across. However, more often than not we find a way to derail our thinking, our objectives and just go round the things we don’t like.

That’s what Proust says and that acceptance of flaws or what we view as flawed is a million times harder than fighting to mend, to reshape.

Some battles are not ours and in order to be happy, we need to let things be, adapt and move on.

Change doesn’t happen in a split second and maybe you’ll never know what butterfly effect your words or actions will have on people you wanted to change, but staying true to yourself and finding your own happiness will benefit the world more than if you let what bothers you overtake you.

All the battles you’ve been in teach you acceptance. If you’ve lost, marvel at your ability to fight. Loss teaches you so much more than winning.

See yourself as you truly are: a wanderer, lost in a world of complexity and do what’s best for you. Maybe you won’t always be happy, you don’t know until you’ve failed so many times that what’s left can only be the right answer.


Seek the meaning of your experiences and accept them for what they are.

If you wake up every day dreading the mundane ahead of you, you can’t be happy. Don’t disappear in a fog of certainty when the days are the same old same old. Take charge and have art and change and people to keep you grounded in a reality that’s good enough to live in.

Change what you need as soon as you notice it, as soon as you notice yourself withering under the routine of your passing. Live with love pouring through your veins and don’t let your dreams shrivel and die. Don’t go through life as a moving corpse because you’re the one controlling your feelings, actions and faith.

Don’t let society tell you what you need. Take chances and find your happiness.


One thought on “Advice from my past self

  1. love this post! it was a very inspiring well written read, it is so easy to just fall into a routine of mediocrity and so many of us never reach our full potential, with writing like this I hope it inspires others to make change and find happiness! keep it up 🙂


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