Yoga Camp Mantras: Day 1 | I accept

I’ve always struggled to listen to my physical body and give it all that it needs to be happy and healthy. I often feel disconnected from it and in my stuborness I refuse to accept that it contributes to how I feel. I do believe we need a deep connection between our bodies and mental state, as they’re feeding from each other so often. I’ve been looking for a way to exercise both at the same time, as I can’t help it but be bored when I’m only focusing on physical exercise. Until now, the only thing I’ve actually enjoyed has been yoga.

That’s why I’ve decided to combine a creativity exercise with a daily practice…for 30 days. I found Yoga with Adriene a couple of years ago and I (almost) finished the 30 days yoga challenge (I moved out of the country when I was at about day 20-something). I really enjoyed the energy of the channel and I think it’s about time I started to pay attention to it again.

Adriene’s new series of 30 videos started in Jan and it’s called Yoga Camp. What’s really cool is that each video/day/yoga session has a different mantra and the series is focused on waving together the mental with the physical.

This series of blogs is my response to that idea, my little contribution. I’ll write each post after I’ve done the yoga session, reflecting on the mantra, and hopefully, that will make me want to get on the mat more often. It won’t be 30 consecutive days, as I realise there’s so much going on right now that I don’t want this to be an extra stress, but rather an exercise in body, mind and spirit.

I accept



What a wonderfully appropriate first mantra!

It’s so hard for me to start anything because I’m afraid it’s too late. It’s too late to get in shape, I haven’t done anything in so long. It’s too late for me to learn something new because if I want to be good at it, I should have started earlier. It’s too late to move somewhere else, because I haven’t learnt the language.

We say these things to ourselves all the time, but we’d never go on another adventure of any kind without accepting what has been, what we’ve done…or the experiences we haven’t had yet.


I accept where I am today and this is my starting point, I’ll only go up from here.

This is what I tell myself every time I embark on a new adventure I know will take me out of my comfort zone. In physical exercise, it’s the same. Accept what your body is telling you it can and can’t do, accept how it makes you feel and push it little by little, to a better outcome.

Acceptance is important not only when it comes to accepting who we are, but also when things don’t go as we’d wanted them to go. I’ve seen so many people struggling to get past their silly mistakes, like losing a wallet, having their camera or phone stolen, being late for an important meeting. It hinders them from moving forward, pulls them down, makes them self-conscious because something out of their control happened.

I like when things go my way, but there have been times when I had to accept hard to swallow situations. At the moment, I had imagined my life a whole lot differently. I planned in detail, I had hopes and dreams and aspirations for a particular part of my life, which all went away at the blink of an eye. I still haven’t fully accepted and let them go, not even 6 months after the fact.

I’m doing it day by day, ackwledging nothing happens over night and I’m giving myself the time to get to grips with it. I’m still sometimes frustrated, but I remind myself there’s nothing I can do about it, that I’ve done my best and that’s all that matters.

I accept:
  • my body, with all its flaws
  • my limitations (and that I need to push myself further)
  • that not everything will go as I want it to go
  • everyone’s choices
  • the past
  • my lack of control

If you want to go along on the yoga camp journey, here’s this day’s episode from Adriene


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