Welcome to wander-ful worlds, my corner of the Internet!

Want to get an idea of what to read next? Read some reviews and join the conversation. I started this book after diving deep (a.k.a. becoming addicted) in the world of Booktube and GoodReads.

I found it very useful to hear others’ opinions before deciding on what to pick up next and I hope my insights will do the same for others.

What can I expect?

I’m doing book reviews, fun tags and discussion posts. My favourite genres are magical realism, psychological thrillers, a bit of YA, sometimes romance sprinkled with some occasional crime novels. I’m also a feminist so expect some feminist critiques in there as well.

Who are you?!

I’m a journalist who loves good stories, does a show on the radio on mainly women’s issues and also works as a marketing professional for an amazing youth organisation. I’m passionate about education, equality, diversity, sustainability (to name a few) and starting important conversations through new, creative means.

Why should I read your babblings? 

If you want to find out how a book can touch you, how you’ll relate to the characters and why the plot’s worth following, then you’ll probably enjoy my book reviews.

If you want to join a conversation on taboo topics and see different points of view being analysed, then leave a comment on my personal postings.

I have another question. 

I’m really friendly, I promise, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.