Welcome to wander-ful worlds, my corner of the Internet!

Want to get an idea of what to read next? Read some reviews and join the conversation. I started this book after diving deep (a.k.a. becoming addicted) in the world of Booktube and GoodReads.

I found it very useful to hear others’ opinions before deciding on what to pick up next and I hope my insights will do the same for others.

Nowadays I also spend time reflecting on my work as a Creative Producer and what I’m learning on my MA. Personal development is important to me and sharing my experiences has proven helpful in the past, so this is one way I’m doing it.

What can I expect?

I’m doing book reviews, fun tags and discussion posts. My favourite genres are magical realism, psychological thrillers, a bit of YA, sometimes romance sprinkled with some occasional crime novels. I’m also a feminist so expect some feminist critiques in there as well.

I’m also delving in the exciting world of Ambient Literature and projects that combine art & design with tech, so I’ll be sharing the ones that inspire me, challenge my beliefs and I learn from the most.

Who are you?!

I’m a storyteller, an enabler and a problem solver. I work in marketing for an amazing youth & arts organisation and I’m passionate about how creativity and technology can help the world become a better place.

Why should I read your babblings? 

If you want to find out how a book can touch you, how you’ll relate to the characters and why the plot’s worth following, then you’ll probably enjoy my book reviews.

If you want to join a conversation on taboo topics and see different points of view being analysed, then leave a comment on my personal postings.

I have another question. 

I’m really friendly, I promise, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.