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Seconds of pleasure by Neil LaBute | Book review

In Bristol there’s a really gorgeous place which everyone should visit if you find yourself in the city. It’s really easy to find, you just go up from the famous harbourside, follow the main road to a hilly, always busy street, to the infamous Clifton. This road is called Park Street and it’s a great… Continue reading Seconds of pleasure by Neil LaBute | Book review

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ReadAThon Update | First two hours

Samsa in Love, by Haruki Murakami I finished this short story in about 15 minutes and it had an uplifting effect. I’d suggest to either go into it blind or, if you’ve read Kafka’s Methamorphosis, you’ll already know what it’s about after the first line. This basically turns Kafka’s premise upside down, as here we… Continue reading ReadAThon Update | First two hours